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       Jiangsu Jingtai Auto Technical Co.,Ltd is located in  Jiangsu Province's Pi danyang town economic development zone, the area more than twenty thousand square meters. Is a more than 30 years of experience in glass processing enterprise. The company has the advanced computer glass cutting table, straight (round,different)edge grinding machine,beveling machine, hollow production line,nip glue production line, screen printing presses. The dryer,  horizontal tempering furnace,hypoid glass tempering furnace,glass sword,glass processing center water,such as the bending furnace complete glass processing equipment,is a modern glass processing enterprise.Our products are exported to Japan,Korea,Europe and the United States and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.
       Main products:engineering machinery car tempered glass,the laminated glass,construction of toughened glass,hollow built-in shutter glass,coated glass,low-e glass,refrigerator clapboard glass tunnel
light,street light,and microwave ovens electric glass,furniture decorate glass,pot,and photovoltaic,such as glass,glass.
       The company is in line with the quality as the center,take the customer demandas as the basic with advanced technology,good production equipment,strict quality management system and perfect after sale
service,in the market has laid a good foundation.Our company not only in technical excellence,more on quality perseverance.We believe that the fine quality is always the lead,based on now,looking to the future,we will be sincere service,good quality work hand in hand with you to create more splendid.
      The company heavy quality credit and the company has passed ISO9001-2000 international quality system authentication and CCC China compulsory product safety certification.


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