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People-oriented: the staff is the most valuable resources of enterprises, provide learning and development opportunities, develop individual potential development, provide a platform for talented,

Innovation: innovation breakthroughs in research and development of advanced science and technology, to create the market for products with high additional value

Customer satisfaction: the reverse thinking, market orientation, customer satisfaction as the ultimate goal, and constantly expand their business, to provide customers with products and services beyond the market value

The highest performance: the companies ask employees to scientific method to do the right thing, with the advanced enterprises in the world's best performance as a goal, to measure the staff and team management achievement, to create the best performance

The pursuit of perfection: if you constantly challenge the limits, challenge ego, continuous improvement, do the best good choice, very medium beg fast

Integrity: the sense life, work conscientiously, very modest, honest, match word to deed the strictly keep the secret of the company



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